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The complexity was perfect. Worst thing about Born Wicked was the romance. I liked Cate, and I thought Finn was charming and a perfect match for Cate.

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But no, I do not buy undying love after seven days. Nope, sorry. How do you know you love somebody if you know nothing about them? I seriously almost hit the roof during that scene. Too bad, though, because like I said, they were a perfect couple. This is a longer review, but this book was super good and I want to talk about it some more, since I picked out some really big negative issues. Uh, plot.

The last couple of scenes were really good, the resolution was perfectly depressing, and I really need to read the sequel like now. The Cahill sisters are dynamic, rounded characters, and the situations they run into are engrossing. Renae M Top 50 Reviewer reviews. Captivating characters, Great world, some parts slow. October 19, And right in the middle of it all—the Cahill sisters, Cate, Maura, and Tess. The fate of the world rests on these three Witches and one clandestine prophecy.

The mystery reeled me in, and I rushed through because I absolutely had to see how it was going to end.

I loved the idea that there is a trio of sister witches. I mean, I grew up with 2 sisters, who, like me, wished they had magical powers. Cate, like Amy, is the bossy one—sorry Amy.

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Maura, like me, is the troublesome one. And Tess, like Britt, is the know-it-all. This made their relationships seems very real to me. I really enjoyed getting to know Cate, the oldest of the three sisters and the pov from which the book is written. As her mother was dying, she pleaded to Cate to watch over her sisters, to protect them.


As a result, Cate had to push back her desire to just be a teenager and become the woman of the house. All is well until Cate turns 17, when she has to announce who she will marry or join the Sisterhood convent. With this date looming very near in the future, Cate starts to panic not only about which to choose, but how to keep her sisters safe. This is the part of Cate I loved—seeing her struggle made me connect with her, and I found myself wishing I was a witch in her world so I could help! But, of course, my favorite part was the boys. There are two again, and I adore me a good love triangle!

If there are two hot guys in a book, I break out into my happy dance. Cate has adored Paul since she was a child, and she knows that he would be the perfect man for her to marry. Only, she struggles to choose because there is another man who has also caught her attention. Oh, Finn, I absolutely love him.

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Cate feels connected to Finn on a deep level, and you will love to see how the romance unfolds! I loved the romance and the mystery in Born Wicked. I keep going over and over again in my mind how I think the prophecy will play out—especially after the cliffhanger ending! With the history of The Crucible, the magic of Harry Potter, and the love story of The Mortal Instruments, this is a must read for fans of paranormal romance!!!!

So—go buy this book, and let me know what you think!!!!! Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. August 18, Updated: September 29, HS Hwa Sun Kang. Born Wicked A Room with Books review. August 17, I fully expected not to like Born Wicked. Boy am I glad, I gave this one a try. I love that it actually takes place in an alternate history where the Brotherhood is in charge. I love world-building, so I still got a taste of that which was nice. I rather liked Cate, although she did get on my nerves sometimes.

I know she had a lot of responsibility hanging over her head, but her indecisiveness kind of drove me nuts at times. Paul was…ugh.

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I did not like Paul. He could be nice sometimes, but overall he was full of himself and so, so annoying. Then, there was Finn. Oh, Finn. He has freckles, glasses, and unruly hair. All things I love.

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Plus, you know, he loves books. Seriously, read this for Finn if nothing else. I loved the flow of the story too. I never really felt like I was in the dark, but new revelations kept popping up at the perfect time. Every time I learned something new it completely sucked me back into the story. The Nutshell: I absolutely loved Born Wicked. And Finn. You should definitely read it for Finn.

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  5. Jasmine Top 10 Reviewer reviews. Report this review Comments 1 Was this review helpful to you? August 14, This book delves into prejudices about the differences of people and how, at first, Elloren was not very accepting of. They just have a different way of viewing things and doing things. There were times where she would question it still after she had seemed to be accepting of it which kind of irritated me a bit, but towards the end she really seemed to grow past that. I really enjoyed all the characters.

    Her two brothers were fantastic. The world building, too, was brilliant.