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Dynamiques normatives autour de la violence contemporaine. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Archaeology and Prehistory - Architecture, space management - Art and art history - Economies and finances - Environmental studies - Geography - Library and information sciences - Cultural heritage and museology. Art and art history - Library and information sciences - Literature. CHEERS : Global changes in estuarine and coastal systems functioning : innovative approaches and assessment tools.

MIST : Cosmic turbulence and magnetic fields : physics of baryonic matter across time and scales. Materials - Mechanics - Mechanical engineering - Mechanics of materials - Mechanics of the solides - Mechanics of the structures - Other. Biodiversity and Ecology - Global Changes - Continental interfaces, environment - Biodiversity - Ecology, environment. Storia, archeologia e miti. Social Anthropology and ethnology - Archaeology and Prehistory - Architecture, space management - Geography - Cultural heritage and museology - Sociology.

Enjeux et perspectives pour une nouvelle dynamique. Humanities and Social Sciences - Social Anthropology and ethnology - Architecture, space management - Environmental studies - Political science - Sociology.

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Chemical Sciences - Chimical engineering - Inorganic chemistry - Material chemistry. WARM : Workshop on the mathematical modelling of pathogen dissemination in healthcare systems. Mechanics of materials - Materials and structures in mechanics - Mechanics of the solides - Mechanics of the structures. Honorer les dieux, couronner un parcours.

Formed in in the northern town of Valenciennes by multi-instrumentist Rocco Fernandez, Art Zoyd was a progressive band inspired by Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart.

Then Gerard Hourbette arrived in and things went awry. But long before that, the band issued one more conventional 7", whose sheer rarity and musical excellence justifies its presence here. Apart from the excellent acid guitar work, the A-side stands out as every instrument plays in a different time signature!

The result is not quite as rough on the ears as you might expect. Balthazar was probably a studio coming-together, considering the pedigree of the involved musicians Pierre Fanen, later of Triangle and Zoo, and a bunch of library music LP regulars , and the presence of the great Bernard Estardy in the control room. Brilliant uptempo freakbeat with nice acid guitar parts, the more psychedelic B-side is the real gem here. Excellent Jethro Tull-esque prog from Lille, that recently got in motion again, though attempts to contact members proved unfruitful.

Despite the concerted efforts of many a collector, nothing is known about this band apart from the name of the musicians, plus the fact it was recorded at Sonotec studio, Saint Quentin, Aisne, and pressed in November The original label says Blow Mind. The owner of the Cameleon imprint, who reissued it, went as far as digging in the studio inventory to find more tracks or info … in vain.

Mind you, it was worth all the fuss if you fancy slow, menacing garagey psychedelia with great swirling guitars and cavernous sound quality. Another band barely rescued from the pit of obscurity, Cameleon rose from the ashes of a band called Well who played the Saint Gratien festival in April The A-side of their sole single, recorded with the help of Quo Vadis drummer Jean Loup Besson and released by the adventurous Epic subsidiary, AKT, in October , is a true marvel, a genuine feast of screaming guitars looming over a heavy but funky rhythm with bonus piano and even a cowbell!

Famous for releasing one of the rarest and most sought-after LPs issued in France, Chico Magnetic Band revolved around the outstanding personality of Chico real name Mamoud Ayari, born in Tunisia , a kind of southern equivalent to Arthur Brown, sporting a pyrotechnic helmet on stage.

It was a flop and the band was dumped. Being an extremely popular live act, it found another home at Les Disques Vogue, for whom they recorded the aforementioned LP in three days solid in Both sides are a heavier-than-thou fuzz guitar orgy, with great exhortations from Chico. Le Coeur released two singles on Barclay in Among these four very nice lates baroque ditties, Bye Bye City is the freakiest and best track. A short-lived combo from Toulouse. Aere Perennius is a super-heavy instrumental, with a six-string wah-wah part of behemothic proportions.

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Stone Me, the A-side of their sophomore single, is equally recommended. Chalard went on to back Vince Taylor and create French big beat records, championing the local neo-rockabilly scene in the early 80s. Inspired by The Liquid Theater, an experimental troupe, he reunited the band, adding a couple more members. The winner here is Soleil, hard-hitting as a truck full of anvils with a good stroke of demented psychedelia.

He finally hit paydirt in with the Barjoland LP. A wholeheartedly Moroccan outfit formed in Casablanca, the Golden Hands were one of the very few proponents of so-called Moroccanroll. What To Say is their golden moment, a big hit in North Africa and a great funky track with amazing guitar parts. Success remained elusive though, and the band returned to their home country in the early 80s after releasing five singles. Though very young, Les Goths were very proficient musically and imaginative too, hence the phasing and fuzz-drenched, demented psychedelia of Turn Over which earned the band the privilege of a place on The Perfumed Garden II compilation.

I Remember is a fine blues ballad with great guitar trappings. The band split when some members had to do national service: British psychedelicians, you had it easy!

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Formed in around Serge Cattalano drums and Francis Lemonier horns, vocals after the split of the legendary Red Noise, and then adding future Malicorne member Oliver Zdrzalik-Kowalski bass , Komintern immediately took a lot of flak for its strong left-wing involvement and lyrics. After the French branch of Harvest got sufficiently interested to sign the band and fund the recording of an LP, they quickly censored a large chunk of their lyrics.

Le Bal Du Rat Mort was released in late and features an expansive version of Fou, Roi, Pantin, which is presented here in an edited version. Initially signed to Theleme, the band had a minor hit with Sweet Mama Fix issued by Isadora in , and cut four LPs on four different labels between and Both sides of this first single are prime examples of primitive rock in a kinda slow menacing vein, with rasping vocals and an orgy of distorted guitars. This sub-Parisian quartet also produced Vol 1 , a very rare LP, chock full of the same ingredients though lacking in honed technique.

Born in the northern suburbs of Paris, his career goes back to the mids when he was playing with Les Taciturnes, a British beat cover band. Sadly, the proceedings were interrupted before completion. The only tangible result is this demented two-tracker: the A-side mixes paranoid vocals with backward tapes and simian-like screams for a slightly upsetting result, while the flipside, though quieter, is equally bizarre.