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Lucid, unvarnished prose makes the book compulsively readable even as it wrestles with the weightiness of transition and identity. Taking its title from a poem by the late, great Mary Oliver, this posthumous memoir by the gay rights pioneer takes readers from the Stonewall riots, through the overturning of DOMA, to the fight for marriage equality—from the eyes of the woman warrior who was there for it all.

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The Carry the One author is adept at finding compassion in dire circumstances, a skill she brandishes with brilliance in Right After the Weather , her first novel in seven years. The pop-rock heartthrobs and outspoken advocates walk with the ghosts of their younger selves in a dual-point of view, coming-of-age memoir. We felt them in our hearts before we even knew them, and now we'll get to like never before.

Such a towering figure deserves a towering tome, and Benjamin Moser has delivered. This read-it-in-one-sitting, multigenerational novel is a poetic epic in miniature, tracing the lives, loves, and losses of a single family over the past century. Combining dreamily gorgeous artwork and lyrical, sophisticated storytelling the year-old Eisner award-winning graphic novelist has emerged as a master of her craft.

Here, she channels Murakami with a magical realist road trip starring two women and a mysterious cat. Set against the backdrop of the s Uruguayan dictatorship, De Robertis's fourth novel offers a sweeping portrait of love in a time of ruthless tumult, following five women over thirty-five years. An astoundingly audacious debut, Porter's novel traces the intertwining stories and fates of multiple families from the Jim Crow era to Obama's presidency.

Fitting for the poet at this story's heart, Wieland's fifth novel, which follows Elizabeth Bishop as she navigates the City of Lights in the lead up to World War II, is an achingly introspective marvel.

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Here, a daughter inherits her father's taxidermy business after discovering him dead by suicide, while her mother makes pornographic art out of the hollowed animals. The author of Here Comes the Sun delivers a sumptuous immigrant saga about a Jamaican woman whose dreams of America mean leaving her young daughter behind. Vuong's first novel and follow-up to his magnificent poetry collection, Night Sky with Exit Wounds , is not just briefly gorgeous—it's exquisite through and through, every sentence a glittering and finely-cut gem. Here, he returns to the themes of family history and forbidden desires.

Let this heartwarmingly romantic tale—about the son of an American president falling in love with the prince of Wales—be a balm for your political and cultural cynicism. Molly Ringwald translated this French Call Me By Your Name -esque novel about two teenagers in Bordeaux as they fall in love in the shadows, leaving one of them to reflect on the relationship many years later.

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The Prelude (Wordsworth)/Book X

Shop Now. Find Me: A Novel. As with Stopes and her U. Alongside delegates from various governments, including Winston Churchill then Lord of the Admiralty , Piddington listened to detailed arguments for compulsory sterilization.

But their relationship was to end abruptly. Piddington vociferously objected to the marriage, resulting in a permanent family rift. She charged him with a litany of crimes including raping and abusing Eleanor, promiscuously cheating on her, and systematically destroying her mental health.

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It is a marvel her sanity held out as long as it did. Linda is raised by a biologist uncle who takes sadistic pleasure in reiterating that her father is criminally insane, and that she, too, may be overtaken by murderous madness at any time. She never escapes the terror deliberately inculcated in her:.

Prelude in Black and Green: A Novel

Such torment, Dark conveys, cannot be untangled from any organic cause of mental illness, muddying deterministic theories of heredity. Dark persisted in trying to find a U. The novel, Dark decided, was cursed. Its original one-man-band Australian publisher, P. Stephensen, went into liquidation after only five hundred copies were sold.

A couple of years later Tauchnitz, the august German press, published an edition as part of their English-language classics series, which was sold in continental Europe. As of , U.

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In the forties and fifties she enjoyed great success for her historical trilogy starting with The Timeless Land : expansive, traditional novels that chart the European colonization of her homeland. In the U. Yet it is the bold experimentalism of Prelude that stands the artistic test of time. Especially today, when its central theme—utopianism and tyranny are two sides of the same coin—is being played out on the world stage.

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The nightmare, in other words, of the young doctor in Prelude who broods, with his hyperrationality:. The ruthless conceit of them!

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  5. Painting as they felt, writing as they felt, making music; never caring whom they flayed and tortured, what unendurable agonies of human suffering, what hardly more endurable summits of human joy they captured and bound within the limits of their insatiable art….