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An upper-level ridge of high pressure will dominate the scene across the northeastern US and southeaster Canada and ridging will extend into the Tennessee Valley and southern Plains as well. The Atlantic Basin tropical season will likely remain active through September and into the month of October. Meteorologist Paul Dorian Perspecta, Inc. Contact Us Use the form on the right to contact us. He then restored Sif 's core programming, and enabled her to aid Loki in the evacuation of Harvest.

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In the aftermath of the failed meeting in the gardens, Maccabeus pressed the Yanme'e into combat service. However, they found the transition difficult and wished to reclaim their former duties: maintaining the Rapid Conversion.

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In order to return to those duties, the Yanme'e came to the conclusion that their usurper, Lighter Than Some, must be eliminated. After several failed attempts on the Huragok's life aboard Rapid Conversion , they finally succeeded in ambushing Lighter Than Some aboard the Tiara and tore him to pieces. A furious and vengeful Dadab gunned down the Yanme'e murderers shortly afterward.

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He then attempted to kill Tartarus , only to be crushed by the Fist of Rukt. This act, however, managed to drop Tartarus's shields with an overcharged bolt from the Deacon's Plasma Pistol so he could be injured by Johnson and his Troopers, and subsequently forced him to retreat. The purpose of Then steps is to observe outcomes. The observations should inspect the output of the system a report, user interface, message, command output and not something deeply buried inside it that has no business value and is instead part of the implementation.

While it might be tempting to implement Then steps to just look in the database — resist the temptation. You should only verify output that is observable by the user or external system. Database data itself is only visible internally to your application, but is then finally exposed by the output of your system in a web browser, on the command-line or an email message.

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Or you can use And or But steps, allowing your Scenario to read more fluently:. If you prefer, you can indent scenario steps in a more programmatic way, much in the same way your actual code is indented to provide visual context:.

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Behat interprets steps beginning with And or But exactly the same as all other steps. The regular expression matching in steps lets you capture small strings from your steps and receive them in your step definitions. However, there are times when you want to pass a richer data structure from a step to a step definition.

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This is what multiline step arguments are for. They are written on lines immediately following a step, and are passed to the step definition method as the last argument. Multiline step arguments come in two flavours: tables or pystrings.


Tables as arguments to steps are handy for specifying a larger data set - usually as input to a Given or as expected output from a Then. Multiline Strings also known as PyStrings are handy for specifying a larger piece of text.

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This is done using the so-called PyString syntax. The text should be offset by delimiters consisting of three double-quote marks """ on lines by themselves:. The text will automatically be passed as the last argument into the step definition method. Indentation of the opening """ is not important, although common practice is two spaces in from the enclosing step. The indentation inside the triple quotes, however, is significant. Indentation beyond the column of the opening """ will therefore be preserved.

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If a tag exists on a Feature , Behat will assign that tag to all child Scenarios and Scenario Outlines too. Gherkin is available in many languages, allowing you to write stories using localized keywords from your language. Keep in mind that any language different from en should be explicitly marked with a language This way your features will hold all the information about its content type, which is very important for methodologies like BDD, and will also give Behat the ability to have multilanguage features in one suite.

Finally, most lines in Gherkin start with a special keyword: Feature: Some terse yet descriptive text of what is desired In order to realize a named business value As an explicit system actor I want to gain some beneficial outcome which furthers the goal Scenario: Some determinable business situation Given some precondition And some other precondition When some action by the actor And some other action And yet another action Then some testable outcome is achieved And something else we can check happens too Scenario: A different situation Here is an example: Feature: Serve coffee In order to earn money Customers should be able to buy coffee at all times Scenario: Buy last coffee Given there are 1 coffees left in the machine And I have deposited 1 dollar When I press the coffee button Then I should be served a coffee.