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Something that I will always regret is that fact that I know I am special to my husband. It breaks my heart to know that the man I love will always have that in his mind. So many of us who have had sex before marriage try to hide how used we feel. Even if you ignore the pain in your hearts now, even if you bury it so that you can ignore it for now, eventually it will surface again. That kind of pain and regret only gains strength as you ignore it and continue to do things that cause more pain and regret to enter your heart.

God is the only one who can give you the love that you need to be whole.

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Jenn- thank you so much for sharing this, that is amazing that your husband remained pure until marriage! You are a blessing to him and to God. Thanks; I needed to hear that. My boyfriend worries that one day he will not get married so he will not be abstinate starting around And he asked what will I do. I want to be abstinate so that I can honor my husband. And hopefully, he will do the same. I love this article, Nicole.

I completely agree with everything you said, and I really love your message. You are beautiful. God Bless! Thank you for this article. Especially on Valentine's Day, when every year, guys buy roses and give them to their favorite girls. I never got a rose before. Sometimes I'm afraid I'm destined to be single…has God destined all girls who put their faith in him, to find the guy that really, truly loves them for who they are?

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I sometimes wonder…. The guy I really like and I discussed this. We both agree with you, Nicole!!! You are so smart. Thanks for taking this message to heart, you are amazing! Thanks for writing this article Nicole! I, thankfully, have never been tempted by a boy to have sex.

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I am going to wait until marriage to have sex. That decision is final!

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I have a few friends and I know a couple of other girls that have had sex and each of those girls now have a little baby boy or girl. Please stand up for yourself and stay strong. God Bless you and thank you for sharing your story with us! It is! My aunt gave me a purity ring for Christmas this past year…it reads True Love Waits- 1 Timothy so I first discovered the verse because of the ring!

God Bless.

Even though i have never had a boy friend before, I love this whole article! It truly gives a whole new meaning to me on how important it is to wait. Or would He be dissapointed that I fell into temptations? You are so wonderful. I am Never had a boyfriend. Never have slept with anyone.

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  8. None of that. After reading this, I am more stubbornally determined to stick to my guns and keep this temple shiny pure. I am waiting to have sex until I am married. I know God wants me to wait, and that is why I am waiting. And I pretty much know that my parents wouldnt be too happy with me either! Thank you for this article! But when I was 9 this is so hard for me to tell I had a weird feeling. Then my couisn showed me all about sex and showed me vidos of people having sex and then i started to think it was ok. Elaine- this is so amazing that you are able to share your personal experience with us.

    I can promise you this that so many girls even ones who come to the site that will read your testimony! It takes guts for you to share this, and I applaud you. Reading your comment Elaine helped me to get the courage to tell my mom about it too. After we ask forgiveness, our sins are cast as far as the east is from the west. I know same thing with my mom! I thought she was going to be like ewww get away!!!! I was sooooooo shocked!

    Before I would sit in my room and cry and cry asking god why me!? Whats so special about me?

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    Now I know why!!!! If I may ask them. I dont want to force my self on him! So should I try to get him to like me or is he not my Mr. I need help I pray to god and ask him to show me but I never feel like gods listening to me I never hear his voice am I just not listening hard. Thanks for making a site where girls can come a talk about god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in High school and stuff and I am 15 years old so that really helps me out because everyone is doing it in high school and not really caring about their body or really getting seduce by young Boys thanks so much and may God bless you.

    In everything that we do let us be reminded that our future is being affected by our present choices. It is such a blessing to listen to the things things that were written in the article and on the first comment. Im such a big fan of yours! I love what u wrote I always tell my friends even if u had sex you can still stay pure until marriage all you have to do is ask god for forgivness Thank you for writing this!

    You will be such an inspiration to them! Having not getting what he was after, he dumped me the day after, clearly not mr. I notice no negative comments on any of your posts, and many of your articles are incredibly biased. I have nothing against waiting until marriage, and I also think it is a wise choice. I feel that this issue is a double standard for men, and this is unfortunate. Rachel- you are so amazing that you are going to keep this promise!

    God will give you the strength to do it. This article was amazing I am 18 years old just graduated high school! I have made a pledge a while ago to wait to have sex before marriage and for my 17 bday i got a purity which is a sign between me and God that I am waiting on mr. It may not be easy and it may be hard i know this my friends told me to get laid eveyday because they thought it was good but i stood up for what i believed in!

    I still have not found mr. Hannah- you are so strong!!! You can do it, you go girl!! And i know that the fruit of the spirit that i need to practice is self-control and being able to trust Jesus and myself that i can wait and control myself.